Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In

Yes, another blog entry. Church was cancelled. There's nothing else to do. Even Ginny is now saying "I'm playing blog!" while hitting the keyboard.

So we took a stroll on campus. Here's Ginny and I on a snowy Memorial Drive.

Here's Denny Hall (the oldest building on Campus).
Bri and Vi snuggle in the Quad. Despite the snow it wasn't too cold, about 30 degrees, which actually feels warm after this last week.
This is the same tree we like to pose at in the spring, looking a little more Christmasy.
Ginny enjoyed sitting in the tree. ("No Dad! I want to sit by myself! Go away!")

Ginny made her first snow angel. The snow is powdering with a crust on top. Not optimal snow angel conditions. But I think she pulled it off pretty well.

Here I am with a snow man in front of my building. Drumheller Fountain has been iced over for a week now. I wonder where the ducks went.
Ginny was sporting her snow-bear suit, a hand-me-down from Bri. These are some vintage early 80's threads.
The girls cozy up on a bench. Violet was very sleepy.

Ginny said she was helping keep my ears warm. She did a good job.

Here is the grand old Wellesley Apartments. Classic brownstone architecture constructed in 1925. (Yeah, it's our building).

Then it was time for some hot chocolate. Yummy!

Snow keeps falling in Seattle!

This is a record snowfall for seattle since 1973! Check out this picture can you guess what time of day this is?

Its 11:30pm! The city lights off the white snow keep it bright all night.

Here is a picture of our snowy window with our stockings. Violets stocking made it in the mail last night. Thanks Mom!

And we will leave you with a slightly different Nativity scene. Here we have the Angel changing baby Jesus' diaper and a little lamb helping.

Keep warm!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Its Still SNOWING!!!

holy cow this is awesome.

Here is Vi and I in the snow

Ginny and Daddy

Ginny and Her "Snowman girl" as she calls it

Up close snowgirl

Hope you are having fun and being safe in the snow!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow!

It snowed last night! Ginny really was surprised when she looked out the curtains this morning. She cheered in excitement and wonder. Anyway here are some pictures!

Vi Vi in the snow!

This is a picture of Ginny's first snow in 2006, she was really excited.

Cold Ginny coming back in this morning.

Here is two short films of how cold she was thus she didnt want to play.

Other Chirstmas items...
Here is Violet going on a sleigh ride. Whoo-hoo!

sweet smile.

Okay this one most looks like Ginny's which is below.

Ginny 2006 (what a chunk!)
Ginny now!

Here is our tree and I finished my Advent Calendar just before December 1st. I have to finish the advents, right now were just using paper.
Here is this years Ginny-gingerbread house.

Up close. She chose to use only the M&Ms on the house and the other candies around or inside. Not one gum drop was used.

Happy Christmasing!

Friday, December 12, 2008

whats going on?

So sorry its been awhile... heres the update... the girls saw Santa with their good friend Emerald (Tawona's girl). We were a little dissapointed at their stunned faces. I mean I expected tears or glee, but what can you do?

Here is Miss Violet in front of our tree. I will have to post a better picture of the tree later.

Here is my Wednesday gang. Looking awesome ladies! Violet, Ginny, Riley and Emma.

I also went down to visit my mom and siblings (on the train again all by myself!) and I help my brother Gunnar put up the lights. Its been 5 years since my house has had lights up. This is because I havent been home to do it! I think it looks great!

Here is a close up of Gunnar and the Grinch. The snoflake lights are cool. I want some.

Here is Violet being a angel thanks to Ginny. I was getting Violet ready for church last Sunday and when I was finished I said "Violet you look like a little angel!" Ginny heard me and went and got the halo out of our chirstmas hats and put it on her. So smart.

So Violet has been crawling since about a week before thanksgiving. She mastered it after Thanksgiving and now I wish she didn't crawl at all. She is all over the place! Here is the video when she first crawled in November.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Photo Shoot and Apron

Violet had her first portraits taken. Here is a sampling of them. She is pretty funny cuz none have her real smile in it. But hey, they are still adorable.

This is my favorite

Happy girl

Ginny joined in for a couple shots.


On saturday while Ben was at a leadership meeting for church I decided to make Ginny an apron. She such a good helper in the kitchen, and my aprons are so big on her, I thought she deserved it! Plus the fabric was just sitting around.

The best part is that its reversable! And its got a ruffle, a pocket and a bow! I was pretty happy to have figured out the ruffle thanks to the Apron Exchange I did with Allison Wischmeier last spring.

If anyone wants to make something fun come over or meet me at craft group on thursday the 2oth of this month. I got a new sewing machine and I am learning new tricks. I went to a class with my mom in Portland a week ago and got a little break taking the train all by myself! I am taking another in December and January. So I am pretty excited!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

Below are pictures of all the festive things we did this October.

Here is our Haunted Gingerbread House. I used to make these with my mom when I was little.

Here is the back view, Ginny and Ben are working hard.

The Maxfields came over and made one with us. While Violet and Emma played on the floor.

This is us at our trunk or treat at the church.

Then carving pumpkins. Here is Violet and her pumpkin.

This is Ginny's carved pumpkin (the other is mine).

Here are all of them. Note Ben's is the Obama campaign logo.

This is our Halloween Advent calendar. My mom and I made one years ago for my family and we made one for my girls this year.

Here are the girls in the clothes Grandma Nori bought them, on Halloween day.

This is the whole gang at the U-village. Ben is Professor Utonium and I am Buttercup (a powerpuff girl). Ginny is Tinkerbell and Violet is a jack-o-lantern (this was my costume when I was a baby).

Here is Riley and Ginny trick or treating at the U-Village.

Here they are in the leaves.

Here is Emma and Violet. They match!

And here is Vi just before bed on Halloween.

Hope you all had a happy halloween full of lots of fun and candy.