Monday, November 10, 2008

Photo Shoot and Apron

Violet had her first portraits taken. Here is a sampling of them. She is pretty funny cuz none have her real smile in it. But hey, they are still adorable.

This is my favorite

Happy girl

Ginny joined in for a couple shots.


On saturday while Ben was at a leadership meeting for church I decided to make Ginny an apron. She such a good helper in the kitchen, and my aprons are so big on her, I thought she deserved it! Plus the fabric was just sitting around.

The best part is that its reversable! And its got a ruffle, a pocket and a bow! I was pretty happy to have figured out the ruffle thanks to the Apron Exchange I did with Allison Wischmeier last spring.

If anyone wants to make something fun come over or meet me at craft group on thursday the 2oth of this month. I got a new sewing machine and I am learning new tricks. I went to a class with my mom in Portland a week ago and got a little break taking the train all by myself! I am taking another in December and January. So I am pretty excited!


Gramma Cyddie said...

Oh, Bri. You're killing me! That is so cute and your girls are just adorable!!!!!!

mandi said...

It would have taken me a week and a half to make that apron! You are a goddess!

Shauna said...

That apron, well, I'm speechless, its so cute! You could sell these at Land of Nod for a fortune! I love Vi's purple little bow! The pics turned out so cute!

Erka said...

Those are great pictures! Vi looked adorable in her purple dress and I especially loved the picture with both sisters together!
The apron turned out really cute!

Aaron, Julie, and Trey said...

Wow, Bri-- you rock! I want to learn to make beautiful stuff like that. I wish I lived closer so you could teach me. :( Classes sound like a fun idea, though.

Your gals are aDORable. Growing up too fast, but cute nonethteless. Did you make the lil tuxedo bows in Vi's hair or where did you buy them? What do you use to stick them on?

Audrey finally has some hair, but still not enough for clips, and she pulls out the headbands. I have to make sure she always has pink or purple on out in public. :)

Mama Wisch said...

Well you are just AMAZING!! Man I miss you Bri! The apron is too much and I can't believe you can just throw something together like that. SO JEALOUS!

Also.. how cool is it that you get to take the train? I love it!

Leslie said...

Hello my dear!! Your girls are just too cute for words... and the apron is amazing! I miss you! I don't know why, but I keep forgetting and losing your e-mail address, I need to save you in my address book. Well, our big news is, we are expecting a little one in June! I'm very excited. Love you and miss you! You look fantastic!