Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ben Corner: Scouts on Ice

What is the best calling in the church? Simple: Young Men Leader. Why? You get to act like a teenager all over again. Take this last weekend's snow camp. When else do grown men get to go out, build igloos, get two hours of sleep, and go sledding off irresponsibly large jumps? Not often.

The trip was really a two part saga. Part one was the first day and night, which proved to be one big object lesson on Alma 34:33.

"...therefore, I beseech of you that ye do not procrastinate the day of your repentance until the end; for after this day of life, which is given us to prepare for eternity, behold, if we do not improve our time while in this life, then cometh the night of darkness wherein there can be no labor performed."

Basically we had six hours of day light to make a shelter out of snow to get us through the night which proved to be VERY cold. Some chose to build igloos, some chose snow caves, some went sledding, some managed to soak themselves to the bone within the first half hour; but I think most people were wishing they had put just a little more time into their shelter when the sun went down and they shimmied into there coffin-sized ice shelter to stay for the next ten hours, sleep or not (and it was mostly not). Here's me next to my coffin-sized niche in our igloo. Doesn't that look toasty?

Speaking of our igloo, we did an awesome job thanks to our muscle, Kent; our structural engineer, Danny; and our Canadian, Eldon. Despite being made of jerry-rigged blocks of snow, our well-chinked dome easily held all four of us the next morning. (The little pink flag is to make sure people didn't accidentally walk over my afore mentioned ice coffin coming off the main dome).

Everyone managed to survive the night with all their fingers and toes. Some people just did it in a little more style than others (we had a few boys abandon their shelters, but we're not naming names).

In the morning we entered part two of the saga, that vital key to every successful outdoor endeavor: doing something stupid. It started with a steep slope, some sleds, some intertubes, and a lot of bored teenagers. It didn't take long for a jump to be built. I arrived on the scene from an errand just in time to see Danny add the finishing touches to what proved to be one of the most brutally effective jumps I've ever seen. We were LAUNCHING people. Sol Garcia, Dallas Pinkham, and Drew Smith get the most air awards for the youth. But the adults weren't about to be shown up. Just about everyone took the chance to partake of the big air, including yours truly.

All in all the trip was great. For more pictures see the website Danny set up. Here are some parting shots. Our igloo in the shadow of Rainier and the boys strapping on their snowshoes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bri Corner: February = Bri's Favorite Month

Early morning on February 1st, Bri and Ben still in bed. Bri wakes up "Happy February BEN!!!" A startled Ben sleepily replies, "happy february honey."

I never get Christmas let down - okay maybe sometimes - but usualy never. Do you know why? Its because February is my favorite month. Top reasons My Birthday and VALENTINES DAY.

My birthday is cool because I usually always have someone to share it with. First it was President Regan, who sent me an awesome white house packet when I was 6. Then friends in school shared my day and even my high school French exchange teacher. Later I found out my good buddy Tawona shared my birthday too, we met at UW freshmen oreination back in 2001. And now my Niece Olivia who just turned 7, we met in 2004 when I married into the family.

Valentines day has always been my favorite. We decorate the house in conversation hearts (for the whole month), some of them say "1+1=3" and "wanna make out?" while others say "just friends" and "washing my hair." I usually buy some cool PJs and a $5 Old Navy tee (sadly, not this year), I get to eat chocolate, bake yummies, go out on a date, recieve a meaningful gift and watch a chick flick! Back in the day I had some pretty crazy adventures in high school on Valentines day, which included things like: the Kingsmen, scavenger hunts, sledding, etc... all on video too.

This year February has had a couple extra cool events. Such as a High Tea, a baby shower, and a stampin' up party. All very fun things. Here are some pictures and comments of all said events.

This is Tawona and I
We are getting a pedicure
in honor of our 25th bday.
We are both pregnant with girls!

Here is me at the Tea
with my sister in law Traci.
this was a family Celebration
of Baby-Sister

Here is the Hostess and I.
Ashley chose to have the event
at the Queen Mary Tea Room
it was lovely!

Here is the Wilson gang on my Birthday.
We ate a Agua Verde.
Service was bad that day,
We will have to try it again sometime.

Ginny looks a little stunned here,
but I garentee that she enjoyed
singing "happy too you mommy!"
and munching on the yellow cupcakes
with chocolate frosting. (I made them).
This was the baby shower.
Here is the whole group!
Thanks again Ladies!

These are the adorable onesies
we all decorated.

Ginny presents daddy with her Valentine
she pretty much made it herself
just a little mommy supervision.

Here she is opening her Valentine gift. Last year she got
Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton
This year Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann
You can tell she was very excited,
Not to mention she had crazy hair all day!

And Ben and I went out to McCormick's and
Schmicks. Had a lovely dinner and view of downtown, sorry its not to clear in the photo.
I gave Ben small scrapbook titled
"The Story of Us." And Ben wrote me a song
I got a little misty eyed when
he preformed it for me. :)

Lastly was the stampin up party last saturday. You can look at the cards we made on the card blog. I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day and a happy February so far.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ginny Update

Virginia is learning many new things one of them is counting. On my birthday I (and other witnesses: Ben, Brandon and Ashley) heard for the first time her count to ten! Ben had heard it a few days earlier aswell. You will note in these first two videos that she is more interested in the camera than counting. She is also looking at her favorite book "Go dog go."

Here is a video of her making the sounds of different animals. These are only a few of the many noises she knows. She has been doing this for over a few months now. Enjoy!

Finally here is a video of Ginny dancing like a "rina" which translates to Ballerina. This dress was given to her by my mom, Ginny thinks its a tutu.

She also enjoys sweeping the floor, coloring, putting on makeup and nailpolish with mom, and doing mommy's hair. She is already sounding and looking like a teenager, scary! Not to mention she attened that cute Ethan Connell's birthday party. I think Daddy was a little worried. :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bri Corner: You might be pregnant

Do you ever find your belly bashing into object like, oh, bed posts, door knobs, tables, cars, elevators, mean people from Boston, wild children, and husbands who forget you still have that big bump or wish they could hug you correctly? If you do, you might be pregnant like me. Something about my depth perception has gone haywire.
Sometimes, oh, like 11:00pm right after you have brushed your teeth, flossed and are in bed (mind you that took all your energy) are you like "Holy Cow I could really go for some Lasagna, or Pizza, Nachos, and maybe some cake. Yeah, that sounds good. Hey honey, could you make me some?" Then you hear some kind of 'what are you crazy' grunt from the other side of the bed. If this has happen to you, you might be pregnant, yes like me.
These are only a few things that drive me crazy at this time. Others include:
*Stares from people (especially on vacation in Portugal) like “why are you so fat?” I seriously considered writing “I’m pregnant!” across my belly.
*Brain matter debauchery. For those thinking "She’s doing well she came up with debauchery." Sorry ladies it’s just my good old buddy
*The random, I have know idea who you are, person who touches your belly. Oh yeah, it happens. At least a few times each pregnancy I have had so far.
*Crying over everything on TV, like the Chase credit card commercials where the couple grows old together or ANY movie for whatever reason. I found that I almost had to remove myself from the theater when I started crying so hard at the last movie we saw.
*Nothing to wear. I solved this one with borrowing. I am currently sporting the Jessica Maxfield collection. Trés chic! Last pregnancy Claire Roach was all the rave. Many thanks to these lovely ladies.
*Crazy dreams, when your husband is eaten by shark or thrown off a cliff or leaves you for no reason. I think they are starting to die down. No pun intended.
* “What are you doing, you just left the bathroom?” “Oh, well you see the baby decided to wiggle to the left and now I need to go again.”
*Getting SICK from everyone, I just got over another cold, the one before lasted so long they gave me antibiotics.
*Oh and feeling so heavy, you know, cow, elephant or whale-like.
*The more heart wrenching ones are not holding my little one because Baby-sister is hogging all the space and not feeling like snuggling my honey or even being able to because I am so large. I know I use the fat excuse often, and yes I know that it is not fat its baby. It is just easier to blame fat than the new little one.
Course it is not all bad don’t let me get you down all you who have not become a mother. I have totally cleaned/inventoried/organized my entire apartment. Thanks to that little energy boost at the end called “Nesting.” And when it is all said and done that guy - you know the stork - he brings you this really cute bundle love, labor and delivery what’s that? Only if I could picture her or see myself with two… it could be crazy. All in all, I know I will be ready once she is here and that I will be able to do the job. It’s just getting to that point; until then my mind will continue to create all the worked up fears and worries I am feeling now. And then like magic I’ll forget all this… until next time!!!

Looking for more pregnancy stories to relate to: watch “Notes from the Underbelly,” ABC Monday night 9:30pm. One of our faves.