Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Princess Master

So I was watching the girls a few nights ago when I decided to introduce Ginny to Google. I typed in "Princess" and did an image search. The first image was a group of Disney princesses from She started rattling off names so I decided to test her princess prowess. Luckily I had a camera on hand...

Not bad, considering she's never even seen Snow White or the Little Mermaid. I'm not sure how she knew those...

By the way, I climbed this on Saturday with Mike from work. It's called Del Campo. More photos here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look in the Water ....... Wilson Girls Update

I want to start this blog out with something that I didn't think I was going to share, but then I thought this might be helpful to all you reading. Early this month I went to Madison Beach Park with some ladies in my ward. Ginny was playing by the water with the other children while us moms were on a blanket in the shade with some of the younger children. I was nursing Violet and looked up to check on Ginny and she wasn't there. I scanned up and down the beach quickly and then remembered Look in the Water! One month prior to this day I had heard a news story of a Seattle child drowning at a beach park in our area. One reason why the child drowned was because they were looking everywhere besides the water, another factor was the crowded beach. I looked in the water and found my Ginny failing to keep afloat. I probably chucked Violet and hopefully was covered as I darted into the water. There was a older child wading a foot away from her who could have grabbed her, but I guess didn't notice due to the crowd. She was starting to sink as I pulled her out. I quickly turned her upside down and did the baby Heimlich to help her spit up any water. Both of us were shaken but Ginny was just fine. Violet was also alright and I finished feeding her all wet. Thanks to the ladies who were with me for caring for both my girls. I guess Ginny must have been caught by a sneaker wave or tripped and couldn't get out. When I got to where she was the water was to my chest. I am still unsure how that happened having looked away for not very long.
So while you are near any kind of water and you think "where is my child?" Remember to look in the water first! Who knows what her condition would be if she had been in longer while I was looking somewhere else.


On a more happy note. Violet got a new toy. She like to be able to stand and look at all of us rather than being on the floor so much. Thanks Grandma Nori! Violet has also started laughing. Especially at words that start with the letter "p."
Ginny after using the potty correctly nine times received a new toy as well. A stroller for her beloved Giraffee. Stroller is pronounce Stroyer just FYI. Ginny took Giraffia on a stroll to Starbucks (one block away) for a donut. It was really fun.
Here is Vi in my KEDS from when I was a wee one. So cute!
And I think this is Ginny in glow-in-the-dark Harry Potter glasses. What a goof!
I will leave you with some videos. The first shows you how crazy my two-year-old is. Which translates to how smart she is and what she says is amazing. The second and third are with her buddy Riley.
Ginny feeding Vi

Ginny seeks attention from Riley

Ginny sings with Riley

Lily's Birthday and Baptism

My little sister turned 8! She had a birthday party in the park. I helped make by making a cake. They pinned the pants on Sponge-Bob, had a pinata and just played around. Ginny had a good time too. She was the youngest at the party.
The whole group

That weekend we were down in Vancouver not only did we have a birthday party... But of course a Baptism. Lily asked Ben to baptize her and he was happy to do it.
My dad confirmed her.
And our awesome family friends, the Bonicas and Moholts, came.
It was nice to spend time with our extended Family and to celebrate my little sis. I love you Liliaan!