Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In

Yes, another blog entry. Church was cancelled. There's nothing else to do. Even Ginny is now saying "I'm playing blog!" while hitting the keyboard.

So we took a stroll on campus. Here's Ginny and I on a snowy Memorial Drive.

Here's Denny Hall (the oldest building on Campus).
Bri and Vi snuggle in the Quad. Despite the snow it wasn't too cold, about 30 degrees, which actually feels warm after this last week.
This is the same tree we like to pose at in the spring, looking a little more Christmasy.
Ginny enjoyed sitting in the tree. ("No Dad! I want to sit by myself! Go away!")

Ginny made her first snow angel. The snow is powdering with a crust on top. Not optimal snow angel conditions. But I think she pulled it off pretty well.

Here I am with a snow man in front of my building. Drumheller Fountain has been iced over for a week now. I wonder where the ducks went.
Ginny was sporting her snow-bear suit, a hand-me-down from Bri. These are some vintage early 80's threads.
The girls cozy up on a bench. Violet was very sleepy.

Ginny said she was helping keep my ears warm. She did a good job.

Here is the grand old Wellesley Apartments. Classic brownstone architecture constructed in 1925. (Yeah, it's our building).

Then it was time for some hot chocolate. Yummy!


Erka said...

Oh, fun! I love living in the city!
You can still get to do something fun, even if you are snowed in!
Loved the pictures! Ginny looked so cute and warm in her snow suit! And Vi seemed to enjoy snuggling out with her mom!

Shaela said...

what a beautiful family you have! I confess I was surprised to see you on my blog, but happy to hear that not everyone connected with Ben hates my guts. :) I love snow in the city... but I'm glad it's melted here!

Shaela said...

let me rephrase: it was a PLEASANT surprise to see you on my blog! :) Always happy to meet a fellow crafter, especially one connected to the good old days with good old friends. :)