Monday, October 19, 2009

Lots of news

We will go from fun to big in these announcements. Last weekend we enjoyed the family tradition of going to the pumpkin patch. We prefer Craven Farms. There we had a lot of fun searching for the best pumpkins. Here are some photos.

Ben had his 27th birthday on Oct 7th. Yes late 20's. We celebrated at the Melting Pot with Brandon and Ashley. He also got some great gifts. A hula hoop picked out by Ginny, and Violet pick him an awesome new tent for back packing (lightweight and roomy!).

Ben made Brandon a card that was a flag of the their own country, Brotheria. He drew the national seal inside.
Here is Ben with some knifes that can cut through hammers and stuff, and me.

So like previously mentioned, Ben is 27 and we will be married 5 years on December 28th, He turned in his dissertation on September 27th, and is officially free of school with a PhD to show for it. He landed a great job in Bellevue at Intellectual Ventures as a Research Scientist and as of last week enjoyed his first paycheck. We are also expecting our third little girl December 17th.

When asked about the slew of recent accomplishments Ben remarked: "See-ya suckers!" to his fellow UW students. "Stay in school, kids," he thoughtfully added.

But that isn't all. Ben and I will be proud home owners on Nov. 19th. Yes we are moving. We are a little sad to leave Seattle and our great ward but we are also excited to be so grown up and independent. We have never paid rent before because we have managed apartments for free rent ever since we got married. So it really seems like a big step. We will be living in Kirkland and hope all will visit as we will have a cozy guest room set up for you and all your family. Come on over! Here are a couple pictures.

Living Room


(4 bed 2 bath, just in case you were wondering)