Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow!

It snowed last night! Ginny really was surprised when she looked out the curtains this morning. She cheered in excitement and wonder. Anyway here are some pictures!

Vi Vi in the snow!

This is a picture of Ginny's first snow in 2006, she was really excited.

Cold Ginny coming back in this morning.

Here is two short films of how cold she was thus she didnt want to play.

Other Chirstmas items...
Here is Violet going on a sleigh ride. Whoo-hoo!

sweet smile.

Okay this one most looks like Ginny's which is below.

Ginny 2006 (what a chunk!)
Ginny now!

Here is our tree and I finished my Advent Calendar just before December 1st. I have to finish the advents, right now were just using paper.
Here is this years Ginny-gingerbread house.

Up close. She chose to use only the M&Ms on the house and the other candies around or inside. Not one gum drop was used.

Happy Christmasing!

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claire said...

Wow, your girls are like little twins that are 2 years apart! :) What cuties. Glad you're enjoying the snow in Seattle. We got to drive through it on our way back to Idaho and it was pretty scary!