Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun

Below are pictures of all the festive things we did this October.

Here is our Haunted Gingerbread House. I used to make these with my mom when I was little.

Here is the back view, Ginny and Ben are working hard.

The Maxfields came over and made one with us. While Violet and Emma played on the floor.

This is us at our trunk or treat at the church.

Then carving pumpkins. Here is Violet and her pumpkin.

This is Ginny's carved pumpkin (the other is mine).

Here are all of them. Note Ben's is the Obama campaign logo.

This is our Halloween Advent calendar. My mom and I made one years ago for my family and we made one for my girls this year.

Here are the girls in the clothes Grandma Nori bought them, on Halloween day.

This is the whole gang at the U-village. Ben is Professor Utonium and I am Buttercup (a powerpuff girl). Ginny is Tinkerbell and Violet is a jack-o-lantern (this was my costume when I was a baby).

Here is Riley and Ginny trick or treating at the U-Village.

Here they are in the leaves.

Here is Emma and Violet. They match!

And here is Vi just before bed on Halloween.

Hope you all had a happy halloween full of lots of fun and candy.


Jessica said...

riley and I just watched all the videos on your blog instead of bedtime stories. It was great! I asked what we should write in a note to Bri, she said "happy birthday" when I told her her it wasn't your birthday, she wanted to say "happy halloween to Ginny, to Ginny, mom!" I actually had her help type it, now she wants to wish your whole family a 'scary Halloween'--didn't have the heart to tell her the holiday was over. is it like Christmas and the season can live on in our hearts! We loved celebrated it with you!

Charayne said...

The kids look darling and it seems like you have been doing a lot of fun and festive things. What a good mom!