Monday, April 27, 2009


My girls are growning up. Here are Vi's one year old and Ginny's three year old photos.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Easter

Okay I've been slacking off. Here are a few shots from easter!
This is Vi very surprised to have found an egg (Saturday Morning)

Happily showing an egg.

Ginny a late waker-uper proudly showing off her egg.
Look mom I found one in the plant (Side note: our plant's name is Collier Stem, After Collier Strom from Project Runway. This is also why he wears the sassy pink bow)
Ginny happily showing off her card from Grammy and Grandpa
Violet looking at hers
Yet another excited or mischeivous look about the money inside. "Mom think of all the easter candy I can get with this!" says Vi
Our Easter sunday photo. I dunno whats up with my hair ignore that.
We hope you all had a great Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring has Finally Sprung!

So it sure took awhile but the blossoms on the Quad at UW are finally in bloom. We were lucky to get a sunny day to take some shots. Thanks to the Maxfields for taking the pictures! Enjoy a our favorites below.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ginny's Birthday (March 31st)

My little girl is three now, and when you ask her she knows it. She hasn't said two since her birthday. So we decided to get her a kitchen. It's really fun and since Violet got some pots and pans it worked out nicely.

Grandma, Lily, and Gunnar came to celebrate with us. This is Ginny in the morning on her birthday. They gave her books, a bear stuffed animal, and a bee finger puppet. Thanks guys!

Here are the cupcakes I made for her party. All I have to say is rolling out spice drops to make the dresses of nine princesses took two hours too long. NEVER AGAIN! The pirate was simple. I'm glad I could make them for Ginny. Plus I had to buy a mini cupcake pan to make them and its a nice addition to my collection of baking tools.

So Ginny and her buddies and cousins gathered at the bell square play place for a pinic lunch and play time. Fun was had by all.

Heres Annie and Vi climbing.

This is Claire sporting the party favors. The boys got pirate hats.

Here's the gang opening presents.

Violet eating a left over cupcake from her birthday.

Ginny enjoying a princess head.

A hug goodbye from her best friend Riley. Thanks to all who came and make the party so much fun for Ginny.

That night we went to Red Robin for dinner. Ginny chose it because of the mac-n-cheese. Here we have Elaine, Grant, Violet, Ben, Brandon, Ashley, Ginny, Me, Gunnar and Lily. Thanks Mom for taking the picture.

Time to blow out the candle! The big bag behind her was from Brandon and Ashley. It contained a pink princess dress, tiara, and earings. Nice work guys. Violet also gave her "The Little Mermaid" DVD. Ginny had not seen it yet.

Tastes great! (ignore my silly face)

Lastly we have Ginny opening her card from Ben's parents.

With the money inside she bought this dress she fell in love with when we were looking for easter dresses. Happy Birthday Ginny. We love you!
This is her in the dress from Brandon and Ashley.