Friday, December 12, 2008

whats going on?

So sorry its been awhile... heres the update... the girls saw Santa with their good friend Emerald (Tawona's girl). We were a little dissapointed at their stunned faces. I mean I expected tears or glee, but what can you do?

Here is Miss Violet in front of our tree. I will have to post a better picture of the tree later.

Here is my Wednesday gang. Looking awesome ladies! Violet, Ginny, Riley and Emma.

I also went down to visit my mom and siblings (on the train again all by myself!) and I help my brother Gunnar put up the lights. Its been 5 years since my house has had lights up. This is because I havent been home to do it! I think it looks great!

Here is a close up of Gunnar and the Grinch. The snoflake lights are cool. I want some.

Here is Violet being a angel thanks to Ginny. I was getting Violet ready for church last Sunday and when I was finished I said "Violet you look like a little angel!" Ginny heard me and went and got the halo out of our chirstmas hats and put it on her. So smart.

So Violet has been crawling since about a week before thanksgiving. She mastered it after Thanksgiving and now I wish she didn't crawl at all. She is all over the place! Here is the video when she first crawled in November.

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Shauna said...

She does look like a little angel! I love your new family picture, wow, it's amazing when you can get everyone looking cute in one picture!