Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ode to Matthew and Dallas

This year I was honored again to accompany the scouts on their winter camp. There's a lot I could say about it. The weather was nice. Yes, this is February in the mountains in Washington. Wow. Anyway, this is really about two amazing sledders. But first I have to relate to you the awesomeness of our jump. This is the type of jump that responsible adults should have discouraged. We egged them on. I could describe it to you, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Who knows how many a video clip is worth...
Our first focus sledder is Matthew Cook. He was the uncontested master of the slopes landing unbelievable jumps, doing sketchy first descents head first, and getting huge air. Here he is mid flight.
His signature move which wowed onlooking snowshoers and season sled hill veterans alike was the "eagle of glory". Check this out!

The second is Dallas Pinkham. Dallas is the enforcer of the slopes. He gets big air then punishes the snow on the landing. The brutal majesty of his jumps raise an "oooo" from all who witness them. Perhaps the most inspiring part is his unflinching demeanor as he approaches his inevitable doom. He flies straight and true. Here's an example.

What really set Dallas apart on this trip was a particularly hard hit which drew blood. That is hard core, my friends.

For footage of this and many more epic jumps, snow (ice) caves, and scouts, look here.


mandi said...

Truly impressive. Maybe the reason that the adults in attendance are scout leaders is precisely because they didn't discourage the behavior. Who would want a scout leader who says, "now boys, peeing in the fire is a very dangerous thing to do."

Shaela said...

just as crazy as I would imagine a bunch of scouts to be :)