Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Birthday/Project Runway Party

First off I need to tell everyone that I share my birthday, February 6th, with two wonderful girls. My niece Olivia who has turned 8 and will be baptised this Valentines day!

The other is my best friend Tawona! We met at UW orientation back in 2001 and found out we had the same birthday and several interests & personality traits. I love sharing my birthday with these great women.

On the 6th we went bowling and to IHOP for dinner. This was Olivia's party.

Ginny really enjoyed bowling! She did pretty well. I was fortunate enough to get a few strikes and beat Mark and Ben. Thanks bumpers!

Ben got me flowers and made me french toast that morning.

We decided on Trophy cupcakes for that night. Here we have vanilla vanilla, chocolate vanilla, triple chocolate (mine), and a snicker doodle. They were tasty. We watched Fools Gold. It was a fun day.

The next day Tawona and I went out to a movie and dinner at the Dragonfish in the Paramount Hotel. It was tasty! After dinner we came home and got ready for the big party.

For those of you who don't know Project Runway is a fun show about designers who want to become the next best thing in fashion. The winner receives a car, a spread in Elle magazine and $100,000 to start their new line. In preparation for the party I gave everyone rules and 3 yards of white muslin. Basically they could do whatever they wanted as long as they were the ones who did it and they made a dress, oh and kept within a $15 budget. They being couples, or teams of two. Ben went to everyone's house as Tim Gunn and asked questions. I tried to get one of the videos of him interviewing posted on here but they all are just too big. All the models chose a purse and some accessories from the BLUEBRI wall.

First down the runway was team Maxfield. Jessica used fabric she already had and lined her dress with the muslin. Her model was her daughter (my Ginny's best friend) Riley.

She did a nice job going down the runway all by herself!

Then I came down the runway. Ben and I were inspired by Seattle and salmon. I think it turned out rather well. Ben did the dying of the fabric and the designing and help pin. I sewed and gave good input.

Here's the back. if you can zoom in there is some detail I am proud of on the top of the bodice. the peach fabric I already had on hand the rest is the muslin.

My friend Cindy made a toga and my friend Tawona modeled it here.
It was Cindy interview with Tim Gunn I was hoping to post because it was really funny and great. oh well.

Traci followed Cindy's Design. Mark and her did the noble thing of making something less attractive. It was a lot of fun to see.

I think Traci had the best modeling skill though.

Ashley and Brandon did the black & white challenge and the shirt off your back challenge. They used a black dress that didn't have sleeves added them. Then made a belt and head scarf out of the muslin.

Nice hair spin!
Mel and Josh, Mel being the model and Josh the sewer/designer were inspired by daffodils. They did a really good job.

Here is a great shot of the back!
Then the judges Micheal Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum asked the designers and models questions to help us come up with good scoring ideas.
here is Jessica and Riley being grilled.

Our Winner was Josh and Mel they won a matchbox car, an Elle magazine and more like $10 of supplies for their next sewing project! Our favorite model was Riley and she won Tresemme hair spray and Loreal Paris lip gloss.
Here is Heidi and the dresses... minus the toga...

Happy Birthday! a special thanks to Ashley for the yummy cupcakes!


Shauna said...

What a great party idea, i love the interactiveness! Hope you had a great birthday you lovely girl you!

kilaMOMjaro said...

Post it on YouTube!!

You had an awesome birthday!! So clever and fun. Josh may want to consider a career change! ;)

Shaela said...

what a fresh, fun idea!! happy birthday!

mandi said...

Maybe if I got off of my computer, I might think of Uber-clever things like you! Maybe not, but you are AMAZING!!! What a great way to celebrate!!

Jessica Jo said...

What a great idea! I LOVE Project Runway! Happy Birthday, it sounds like a great day :)

Aaron, Julie, and Trey said...

You are so creative! Happy Birthday, somewhat late....but still very genuine! :D