Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Patch

Fall is in the air. The leaves are changing colors. So what? What are you supposed to do about it? Answer: go to your local pumpkin patch. That's exactly what we did on Saturday. For the second straight year we went to Craven Farms to pick out the choicest pumpkins straight from the source. We met several current and former ward members including Ginny's bff Riley Maxfield and the Joneses.
Riley and Ginny in a Canoe

Ginny was also pretty stoked about riding in the complementry wheelbarrow.

The pumpkin hype reached levels of hysteria. Little Violet could hardly contain herself when in close proximity to the pumpkins. It was pumpkin-mania! Ginny enjoying the wheel-barrow
In addition to the field of tramlped pumpkin vines, there was also fall and farm related activities such as tractor rides, pumpkin tossing, farm animal petting, a folk band, plus an impressive array of squash and gourds, which was a unfortunately lacking on our favorite, the butternut squash. Ginny made friends with this donkey.

(It's not real). Craven Farms is cool. Happy fall!


mandi said...

Vi just kills me!! I just want to eat her for dessert! When Jonah saw the donkey at the punkin patch, he went right up to it and stuck his hand in it's mouth. Of course it bit him. Donkeys? Not so much.

Suzanne said...

I love pumpkin patches. They are so fun and dirty. So of course my boys are in heaven. I love the pictures you took they are so cute. Yes, let's get together.

claire said...

You guys are such a fun family. Isn't it great reliving the excitement of seasons and holidays through your children? :)

kilaMOMjaro said...

I love the family picture with GinGin in the wheelbarrow! And perhaps Vi will love punkin pie. =]

Im glad the donkey wasn't real...poor Jonah!