Wednesday, February 2, 2011


If you do not already know Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. What a better time to put hearts everywhere and say "I love you" all the time. Here are some pictures of what we've been up to with decor and goodies.
Above we have the girls getting ready to make heart shaped spritz. Below is what we ended up with. Dipped in candy melt and sprinkled. I would have more pictures of the girls making them but the camera died.

This is something my mom made in her wards super saturday. Its a saint candle in a jar on a candle stick. Its all E600 together and after dried you can fill it with different decor. We chose sweethearts cause they were so cheap at the store and they look amazing.

This is a heart garland I learned how to make from the blog: Super cute. Its just 81/2 by 11 paper cut in 3/4" strips. Poke holes near the top and less than halfway down and glue them together and string them.

I had a cute Valentines basket that was given to me by my buddies in the Miner family. I still have their Valentine on my fridge. So cute. Anyway I filled it up with stuffed hearts I made from scraps of fabric I had. One is a bandana. On is from a dress I made Ginny one is from Ginny's apron, another from her octopus costume. An institute masquarde fabric... and on and on. Good memories now hearts.

This is all over the web right now. These mailboxes are from Target's one-spot. Violet and I put the stickers on and suprised the girls after school and nap. The girls will be sending love notes to eachother this month and putting the flag up when they leave a note.

Here is a close up on Vera's

This wreath is also from the blog eighteen25 as well as the subway art below.
My buddy Marin came over and we cut many circles (this one has 115) from felt and straight pinned them to a styrafoam heart. I'm thinking I need 25 more circles. Anyone else? Oh the circles are just the same size as one of my drinking glasses. They are folded in half and then in quarters and pinned on. I think it turned out nice.

And for family tradition our down stairs is covered in conversation hearts we've put up since we got married. They say thinks like "xoxo" "just friends" "U R Hot" etc... "sexy" has been discontinued, and "wanna make out" is hidden well, it may too be discontinued for propriety. Ahh how things change when you get older and wiser.
Lastly Ben has yet to cut new hearts for our front door. Here is last years door:

Well I hope you are enjoying the love that is in the air. I know I am. Happy Valentines Month!


Marin said...

So cute! I love all your decorations. I ended up putting about 160 circles on my wreath.

Shauna said...

Bri you guys are amazing! I wish I had your skills, only I'm blaming my sickly pregnancy feelings for my excuse to do nothing.;) And AWESOME that you got to meet Bakerella! Do you read Pioneer Woman? She's coming out with a new book and I'm going to the signing next week!

Shaela said...

what fun and cute decorations!! I had to laugh at your discontinued conversation hearts. It reminded me of our own discontinued decorations! I bought a whole bunch of mini conversation heart pillows at Target the first Valentine's after we were married... I've had to hide ALL of them now from the kids because they say things like "You're hot" and "Too Sexy" and "Love Machine". Oh, the joy (and propriety) that children bring to our homes, lol.

p.s. don't you LOVE that blog?? I wish I could get together with them some time since we live in the same town :)

Laura said...

wow. now i feel lame...=)

you should just keep the "wanna make-out" heart under ben's pillow, or he can put it under yours.=)

Jessica said...

wow! can't wait to see them in person! now I'm in a valentine's mood.

Juliann said...

You are so darn cute!! I love all the decorations! Happy late birthday-friend!

mandi said...

NOW I see all these awesome ideas! I'll just get started for next year! :)
I filled my apothecary jars with conversation hearts, cinnamon hearts, and these candy corn flavored candies that are red, white and pink in valentine shapes. Put a giant purple bow on one of them, and voila! I also made a paper chain out of red white and hot pink paper, all different sizes and widths. It was great mommy therapy during our many snow days.
LOVE you!