Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day.

Happy Happy Valentines day! Here is what happened at our house. The girls woke up and opened their mailboxes to find love notes from mom a dad and a small toy. They were little strawberry shortcake figures if you were curious. After we enjoyed some pancakes in the style of http://www.jimspancakes.com/ I think they turned out nicely.



We were so sticky that we had to have a bath.
I am including this awesome picture of Vera in her church clothes the previous day.
For family night we decorated small heart cakes that we baked from a heart tin my mom got me.Ben's says happy heart day.
Ginny's all decorated by herself.
ViVi's says love one another. Which is what she told me to write because that is what we learned about for family night.
These are the cards I made the girls.
And this is the card I made Ben.
Hope you all had a Happy Hearts Day!


JulieA said...

how fun!!!!! those cakes look great and the Ginny did a wonderful job decorating. love your cards, too. they turned out lovely!

Troy said...

looks like you had a really fun day! we had the same "valentine's" lesson for our family night. hahaha! =)

Leslie said...

I envy your creativeness ;) your girls are lucky girls!

Erka said...

Wow, you guys know how to celebrate, that's for sure!

The Walker's said...

I can't get over how amazingly creative you are! I so wish we lived closer cuz I LOVE doing stuff like that!

kilaMOMjaro said...

The cakes turned out really cute! Nice pancakes, and I love the new mailbox tradition...awesome idea! <3