Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tulip Time

My sister Miranda visited us from Utah last weekend. Despite being a Washington native she had never been to the tulip festival. What better excuse to pack up the girls and hit the fields? Here's Miranda with Violet.
This year we went to Tulip Town. I'd say I like Roosengaarde a bit more; they have fewer varieties but bigger fields of each, which makes for better pics. Nonetheless, Ginny was still soaking in the floral ambiance. As if Miranda isn't cool enough, having her was an added bonus because we had a dedicated family photographer. He we are with some of Vi-vi's flowers (everything purple belongs to Violet, at least according to her).
It was a beautiful day and a great time was had by all. We even stopped for some much-deserved ice cream on the way back to Kirkland. Tulip power!


Erka said...

Oh it's tulip time again! I agree, last year we ended going to both, but we liked Rosengaarede a bit more too!
I love it that Vi thinks everything purple is hers!

The Walker's said...

What a beautiful sight! Malea would be in HEAVEN....she is obsessed with flowers, always wanting us to pick them for her. We have been trying to teach her the difference between flowers you can pick (weeds) vs. what you shouldn't pick (flowers in someone's yard) lol

Jessica said...

glad you got to see them before they got decapitated! darling pictures.

kilaMOMjaro said...

Lovely pictures, as always!