Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Redemption on Amabilis

Last year in March I tried to cross-country ski up Amabilis Mountain. Brandon barfed in the first quarter-mile. Despite my skis AND snowshoes I still found myself waist deep in powder and had to turn back half way up.
This year things went a little better. I got to test my skis that I stole/bought from Joe's when they went out of business last spring. We (myself, Brandon, and Chris) zoomed to the top in great snow conditions. Unfortunately, there was no view to speak of, which is too bad because you can apparently see Mt. Daniel in good weather. But things were pretty nonetheless (see picture). The ski down was quick and fun. Yay for cross-country skiing!
Coming soon: what I found when I got home.

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Shaela said...

glad it went better for you this year :)