Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby Shower, Bri Birthday, and Baby Blessing (talk about the B's)

Alright, sorry about the lack of posting. But I bet you can give me a break considering I had a baby two months ago.
Here are some pictures from my baby shower my new ward threw me. They did a great job and they were so nice to even throw me one. :)

This is Becky my VT and I at the shower. She was the mastermind on the blue and white winter theme we had. It was beautiful. Thanks Becky!This is the spread of goodies. Look at the awesome snowy tree centerpiece. Also check out the hanging hearts that Shannon put up in her house for V-day.

These are the party favors, they are so adorable. Little hot cocoa packets with marshmallows, mints and kisses. They even say Vera's name on them. :)

Then there was my birthday: on friday the 5th I celebrated with my niece Olivia. We share the same birthday. We had a cowgirl party. I made horse cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla from my Hello Cupcake book.
For festivities we played "pin the tale on the horse" and we bobbed for apples. Here is Olivia going for it.Even I did it, only took one dive.

Here are the birthday girls together. For some reason I have extra bandanas stored on my hat. Love ya Liv!

On the morn of my actual birthday my sister-in-law Ashley took me to brunch in Seattle. YUM! Thanks Ashley, you spoil me! After lunch I met my best buddy from college, Tawona for a movie and cupcakes. We saw "When in Rome" and it was cute.

Ginny took this picture of us infront of the cupcake shop.

Later we had dinner and games at the Maxfields. Jessica baked me that lovely, decadant cake you see on the table. It was delish! Thanks Jessica! So I was more than spoiled on my birthday. Thank you everyone.


Lastly, on Valentines day Ben blessed Vera. We were really excited to have all of Ben's local family in the circle with him on this one.
Here is Vera in my blessing dress

Here is the family on that day.

Thanks to all who visited, we love you!


Erka said...

How nice of your new ward to throw you a baby shower! I loved those cupcakes you made, you are so good at baking! Vera looked so pretty in her blessing dress! Good to read this post!

Shaela said...

sounds like you've been having a good time! Were all three girls blessed in your blessing dress? My little girl was blessed in mine as well... it's special, huh?

Shannon said...

Glad you loved the shower.

what cute cupcakes...I may need to check out that recipe (and evaluate if it's worth all the work) they turned out so cute!

fun birthday (that we share)

beautiful girls!

The Walker's said...

I have that same cupcake book, and I love it! I did the popcorn one for New Years. I love keeping up with your cute family! Vera is just beautiful, I wish we could see her in person!

Dusty , Angie, & Gage said...

Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like it was a fun one. :) Loving the cupcakes cute! Vera looks beautiful in her dress. :)