Sunday, March 29, 2009

Take Your Wife

So I had the snowshoes for another week. Why not ditch the kids in Issaquah and take a stroll up Rattlesnake Mountain? I admit, the REAL Rattlesnake Mountain is northwest of the Tri-Cities is southeastern Washington. This imposter is just south of North Bend.

This is looking across at Mount Si on the Way down. Note the Snowshoes on my back. We had to pack them up the first 1500 feet before we really needed them. But once we were up there it was perfect snowshoeing; sun, fresh powder, and even a view or two. This is what that looked like:

Compared to last week's debacle on Amabilis this was heavenly. The moral of the story: Take your wife.(Note: the good snowshoeing wasn't until above the popular Rattlesnake Ledge, which is what you see from the parking lot.)


Shaela said...

what a fun date for the two of you! John has yet to take me snowshoeing - I usually talk him into rock climbing instead, lol.

Rebekah and Scott said...

Bri, you're a good example of being the wife you fulfills your husband's need to "have fun." That picture in the snow is incredible!

mandi said...

everything is better with a little Bri.