Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Amapukis Mountain

Brandon and I went cross-country skiing this morning. He puked in the first quarter-mile. That's a good summary of how things went. There was lots of powder. That's a good thing for downhill skiing, but when you're working against gravity not so much. I didn't see my skis the whole time. By the time we were about two-thirds up Amabilis Mountain the powder was waste deep, even in snowshoes. The deep powder prevented a nice downhill run back to the car. At least the early turn around allowed us to get home just a little after lunch.
Did I mention the near white-out conditions?


Shaela said...

wow - sorry about the puke and the conditions - glad you're back with your fam safe, though!

mandi said...

that makes me want to puke too, if that's any consolation Brandon.