Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

On Friday the Wilson Family hit the Woodland Park Zoo. It was such a nice Seattle day we had picnic lunch at the zoo. We saw all kinds of animals, here are some of our favorites. Butterflies, Ginny makes a great butterfly.

Violet is not an animal but she sure enjoyed the Zoo!
Grizzley or Brown Bear (we learned that it the same bear just two names)
ottersFlamingos! I love how Ginny rests on top her Daddy.
some day I'll learn my excited faces aren't flattering.Ginny on a Flamingo nest and yes, she is on an egg.

And last and BEST of all the animals, in Ginny's opinion, the GIRAFFE!

Then on Monday we went to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe. Traditionally being Puyallup Fair goers this was pretty nice. It seemed smaller to me. But we had a good time. Some nice lady gave us a free pass while we waited in line to buy tickets. Thanks Nice Lady!Ginny and her Daddy on an Airplane ride. At first she was really excited but then when she relized that it was going to spin she started to cry and freak out a little. About half way through the ride she said to Ben, "I'm all done crying Dada. Weee Weeeee!!!" Nice job changing your situtation.Here is Mark, Ben's Brother (can't you tell?), Annie, Ginny and I in the teacups. We got pretty dizzy on this one.Ginny sure liked the animals. It was really fun to watch her pet goats, pigs and sheep.

Oh here is one more over excited picture that isnt that flattering, better than the last one though. Its very important because I haven't had an Elephant ear in over two years. So I was glad to finally get one all to myself. But I think it was too much sugar just before dinner. I remember that for next time.

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!


mandi said...

Elephant Ears!! I haven't had one since my last trip to Saturday Market in Portland seven years ago! You are such a fun mommy! Teach me how to do that!

Missy said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the pic of Ginny as a butterfly! I have never even heard of and elephant ear. They must not have them in Utah!

~Aimee~ said...

The Zoo is so awesome!! I got a membership for my birthday. So if you ever want to go, let me know and I can get you in for 1/2 off!! Plus, the kiddos are still free!!! I seriously love the Zoo.

Aaron, Julie, and Trey said...

Hi Bri!! You crack me up--"Thanks, Nice Lady!" :) Did you make the car seat cover? That is nice! And for the record, I think your excited faces are great. ANd elephant ears are good, too. Definitely a NW thing, though. I miss ya!