Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Florida... Finally

Ben & I and Ginny & Vi all went down to Florida on September 16th and stayed for a week. We stayed with Ben's parents in Fort Lauderdale. The weather was HOT! By the time we got back we were cold here in Seattle, but glad to not be melting anymore. Most of all we had a lot of fun and love from Grammy and Grandpa, Thanks so much for everything. We love staying with you and doing fun things with you! Here are some photos of our journey, Enjoy.

This is on the way down. We borrowed a little DVD player. Our flight left Seattle at 6am so we got up really early. You can see the tired eyes, well except Violet who had had a nap on the plane and was interested in the DVD.

We spent at least 3 days on the beach. Violet found a coconut and practiced sitting with it.

Here we all are in the warm warm water. Nothing like your WA cost.

So did I tell you we left the kids with Grammy and Grandpa and hopped on a two night cruise to Nassau in the Bahamas? This is me on the deck the first night.

Bon Voyage!

This is the next morning in Nassau. We bought new sunglasses, because being Seattle-ites we lose ours frequently.

Here is a picture of our ship. No not the carnival, nor the Norwegian, not the one pulling in either (Royal Caribbean), its the Imperial Majesty boat that I've circled, sorry its a little hard to tell. Basically the size of a Seattle ferry, at least that's what I think. So it was a little choppy without the stabilizers. Next time a bigger boat!

This is us on the boat after snorkeling between Nassau and Paradise Island.

This is me in front of Atlantis the resort. Its pretty crazy. For those reality TV fans this is where Rob and Amber from Survivor and Amazing Race got married. We also saw Oprah's house and right next to it and the same size was her guest house. Mary Kay's house was there too.

This is us Snorkeling

Here is what the fish looked like. They swam right up to me I thought they were going to, I dunno, taste me or something. It was a tiny bit creepy but very cool!

Then we toured Nassau. Here we are in front of Queen Victoria.

This is me in a Market.

We even found a Starbucks. I wasn't homesick anymore after that.

Here is a cool tree. Ben is saying good bye to Nassau.

And one more cool tree. Nice and shady on a hot day.

Here is a picture of Nassau as we left port.

This is our room. Nice queen bed, fridge, vanity, a desk behind Ben, a window out onto the deck (when I looked out behind the curtian a little girl was staring in. We kept the curtains closed). Next time a window that opens out to the ocean. Hee hee.

Here is me looking out a door.

So the food wasnt very good the second night and we had our dinner early both nights so we missed leaving port and the sunset. Also this cruise was sponsored by a country station so it was a little red-neck here and there. But we met some really nice people and Karoked ("love shack" duet, sorry I forgot to video it.) and danced as well.
This photo was taken some our new friends on the last night. Thanks for all the fun!

Back in Florida!
We went to butterfly world with Grammy and Saw all kinds of butterflies. Broward County Florida is the place with the most different kinds of species of butterflies in the world.
This is Ginny looking out, but infact a butterfly landed next to her.

Here is Violet and I under some beautiful flowers.

Butterflies that are Violet!

Ginny and her daddy got to feed a parrot! It was a pretty cool place but very very hot that day, we almost melted to death.

Aparently Florida is the place to go when you are almost 6 months and only know how to roll over. Because Violet mastered sitting, got up on her knees (we missed the first when we were cruising), and learned how to swing. Here is the evidence:

Grammy pushing Violet

She also enjoyed swimming in Grammy's pool.

Ginny learned to jump and not be scared. And also learned to climb up a climbing wall at the park with Grandpa.

We really miss the lazy days of Florida. Hopefully we can go again soon. Here are some videos of the girls. First Violet admiring the butterflies.

Second is what happens to a 2.5 year old in an airport eating waffles at 4:30am. Dont try this at home.


Missy said...

Bri, you look way too good in a swimsuit for having had two kids! Way to go!! Your kids are so cute. I love the videos!

kilaMOMjaro said...

YAY! I love all the picture and the video's are awesome!!


Jessica said...

Wow, what a trip! Loved all the pictures and Riley and I laughed all through the waffle video.

~Aimee~ said...

Looks like you had a great time! Yay for Violet and all her firsts! Loved the video of Ginny giggling. Way fun. :-)

Jessica Jo said...

What a fun trip!!! How great that you got to spend some time alone too. Your girls are adorable, they are getting so big!