Monday, February 11, 2008

Ginny Update

Virginia is learning many new things one of them is counting. On my birthday I (and other witnesses: Ben, Brandon and Ashley) heard for the first time her count to ten! Ben had heard it a few days earlier aswell. You will note in these first two videos that she is more interested in the camera than counting. She is also looking at her favorite book "Go dog go."



Here is a video of her making the sounds of different animals. These are only a few of the many noises she knows. She has been doing this for over a few months now. Enjoy!


Finally here is a video of Ginny dancing like a "rina" which translates to Ballerina. This dress was given to her by my mom, Ginny thinks its a tutu.


She also enjoys sweeping the floor, coloring, putting on makeup and nailpolish with mom, and doing mommy's hair. She is already sounding and looking like a teenager, scary! Not to mention she attened that cute Ethan Connell's birthday party. I think Daddy was a little worried. :)


Missy said...

Thanks for posting videos. It's fun to see her! I love the animal noises. She is such a doll! Oh, and cute belly, Bri!

Erka said...

Oh, wow, she does so many things and she is not even two yet!

kilaMOMjaro said...
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kilaMOMjaro said...

Heres Gavin enjoying Ginny~!

~Aimee~ said...

I still have a hard time believing how grown up she is! She's an impressive little girl, that Ginny. ;-)

beth and joe said...

Adorable. I can see little Bri in her. :)

Stephenson and Katie said...

She is tooo cute!!! She is such a smart girl!