Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cherry Blossoms Spring is here!

We are happy to say we have made it to the Quad for family pictures again. It was crazy crowded today and everyone was trying to take pictures with or of our girls. Good thing we didnt stay to long. Here are some photos of all our girls under the same tree around the same time after they were born. In order of birth Virginia, Violet, Vera (who happends to be two and a half months older than the other two).

And here are all the girls together this year.

I added this one because its very adorable. :)

Happy Spring!


Shaela said...

oh my gosh, look at that little chubby girl, too cute!!! Fabulous pictures again... but what will you do when you have too many kids to climb up into the tree?! ;)

The Walker's said...

What a fun tradition! Vera is getting so big, I wish I could see her (well, all of you of course!). We are heading up that way in August for a family reunion at the Oregon coast, we will have to find some way to meet up! I'm going to be like 8 months pregnant, so weird to think about!

kilaMOMjaro said...

E-mail copies please :)

I can't wait to see you all saturday!

Erka said...

Such beautiful pictures! The girls really look like little princesses in their pretty dresses!

mandi said...

I thought of you when our blossoms popped this year! So beautiful! (your blossoms and fam, that is!)

Aaron, Julie, Trey, & Audrey said...

I love how you take pics of the girls in the same outfit (in this case blanket) and place it is fun to compare. And I love the family pic in the tree. You are so good at making traditions!