Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Goodness

Here are the cupcakes I made for the ward party,
from the cupcake book I got for Christmas "Hello Cupcake."
Here we have Violet attempting to gut her pumpkin.

Here are our finished pumpkins; Ben, Vi, Ginny.

Ben and I in costume at our adult costume party on the 29th.
Ben is John Adams and I am Bella Cullen from book 4 of the
Twilight series. I'm not so sure you can tell
but I am pregnant and I am drinking
blood (V8) and I have a Forks High School sweatshirt on. Here's the gang at the trunk or treatHere Ginny decided to change at the after party and match
her aunt Ashley (dressed as Elphaba).
Out front at the after party.
Here's a better shot of the octopus costume and fish
costume I made for the girls. You cant see the two
tenticles in the back but Ginny does have all eight.
And here is the back of Vi, tail and head fin. Happy Halloween!


kilaMOMjaro said...

So cute! Poor Vi! Being all pressured into touching punkin guts! She didn't want to mommy! :p

What an adorable fishie and Pretty pink octopus. You all look amazing. =]

<3 Gramma

Charayne said...

wow, those costumes are amazing. Where do i place my order for next year....ha ha ha. Looks like you all had a festive time. Hope you had fun.

Emily said...

What fun! And that was very creative with the Bella costume! I am amazed at your talent in making the girls' costumes and also your cupcakes!

Shauna said...

Bri- you outdid yourself! Those costumes are so cute!!! How are you pregnant lady?

The Walker's said...

Ha ha I love your costume!! That is so clever, especially since you are preggers! Hope things are going well for you guys! P.S. Those cupcakes looked delicious!

Candace said...

Oh my gosh, good job on the costumes! Adorable!!!!