Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gunnar and Camping

On Wednesday the 29th- that really hot day in Seattle- Gunnar my little brother joined us for about a week. He graciously watched my girls and the Maxfield girls so I could go to Ben's defense. It was nice to have some AC if only for an hour. In case you were wondering Ben passed and it was about 103 degrees in Seattle that day. We tried to go out to celebrate for dinner but everyone was at the mall and the surrounding restaurants trying to escape the heat. Oh well.
The next day I took the girls and Gunnar to the museum of flight. Little did we know the Blue Angels were taking off that morning. They took off just a few minutes after we parked, it was pretty cool. Here is a picture of Gunnar and Ginny in front of a Blue Angel inside the museum.
Here is Gunnar as an astronaut!

On Friday we got to go on our roof and watch some Blue Angel magic in the sky. It was pretty cool. Then we got busy packing to go camping two nights with our buddies the Maxfields.

Us girls enjoyed the river, playing games, and napping...

...while the boys did a short & nearby hike up Silver Peak.

Here is our family shot with my Gunnar.
Other fun things were swimming in the river, alley-ooping the girls, and a short nature hike together. At night we enjoyed s'mores and games like Seafarers of Catan and Ticket to Ride.

We had a great time.


The Bitburg Military Ward Cooking Club said...

Congrats, Ben! I can't believe how much Violet and Virginia have grown since I saw them last. What a beautiful family.

The Walker's said...

Looks like a fun time! And congrats to Ben for passing, I'm not really surprised he did but still I'm sure it is a relief for you guys to know it is done! Keep us posted with all your future plans!

Nori said...

Once again...I need bigger copies! =]

Looks like fun. Thank you for tending my boy.


~Aimee~ said...

Wow! What fun! The pictures are great. And definite congratulations to Ben! WAHOO!!