Monday, May 4, 2009

Gunnar's Birthday (April 24th)

Gunnar came up on the train from Vancouver to stay with us for two nights for his 14th birthday celebration. We met Grant at The Cheesecake Factory and ate a great dinner. We even got the birthday boy a cheesecake.

I bought ice cream cupcakes from Haagen Daz for him. Appantly the one on the Ave is the only one that sells vanilla chocolate chip ice cream, they said they dont even sell it in stores anymore. Lucky Gunnar! They are pretty cute! The cupcake paper is soild chocolate.

Happy Birthday to Gunnar!
Enjoying the cupcake
Ginny enjoying a cupcake
We played lost of settlers of catan inculding seafairers and citys & knights expansions. Thanks Maxfields!
The next day we went bowling and played pool at the hub. Then Gunnar and I saw "17 again" it was pretty cute. Then more Catan was played. Then we had to say goodbye to our Gunnar. Ginny was so sad when we put him on the train. I've never seen her lip stick out so far. Thanks for sharing your birthday weekend with us Gun!


Shauna said...

Oh, I want to play so bad!!! Belize and Rio are still getting over their pink eye (who knew that could stick around so long)and Brannon and I have colds, it makes me realize Health is priceless!! Ooooh, I also loved loved 17 again, and the Efronator was not hard on the eyes, man! Hope we get to play w/ you guys soon!

Leslie said...

He's taller than you!!!!! That's awesome! He's a good kid.

kilaMOMjaro said...

He is such a great guy! Thanks for having him there Bri...he loved it. You and Ben are awesome. (Im sorry Ginny was sad but glad they had bonding time)

Jessica said...

so glad you had a great time playing settlers. I'm getting addicted to Cities & Knights. Michael totally kicked my trash when we played Sunday night.

mandi said...

can I come out for my birthday?