Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Easter

Okay I've been slacking off. Here are a few shots from easter!
This is Vi very surprised to have found an egg (Saturday Morning)

Happily showing an egg.

Ginny a late waker-uper proudly showing off her egg.
Look mom I found one in the plant (Side note: our plant's name is Collier Stem, After Collier Strom from Project Runway. This is also why he wears the sassy pink bow)
Ginny happily showing off her card from Grammy and Grandpa
Violet looking at hers
Yet another excited or mischeivous look about the money inside. "Mom think of all the easter candy I can get with this!" says Vi
Our Easter sunday photo. I dunno whats up with my hair ignore that.
We hope you all had a great Easter!


Shaela said...

looks like the girls had a grand old time finding eggs! :)

mandi said...

I just want to eat your kids. Do they come in chocolate flavor?

Jessica said...

I adore Vi's mischievous look. So funny. Don't worry about your hair, mine does that every year in our Easter outfit photos.