Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Icon Me! and cupcakes too!

Okay as you can see we have been having fun making Obama Icons. Give it a try
Trophy Cupcakes has even used it on their cupcakes. I hear (from Yelp reviews) that Cupcake Royal's service is bad and their cupcakes are not as good as Trophy. I was looking for a cupcake place to go on my B-day... I've already been to Trophy and I would say that their chocolate frosting is almost as good a mine. Therefore they are definitely good. Too bad Cupcake Royal. What do you think?


Shaela said...

LOL - LOVE your title Bri: "Omama", that's priceless! When is your birthday? hope you can find a good cupcake place! :)

Mama Wisch said...

Well Happy Birthday when it comes! I miss you! By the way I am coming home the first two weeks of April and I need to make sure that I see you a couple of times! Can't wait!

mandi said...

Bens pic looks a little bit like a terrorist mug shot. But a cute terrorist.