Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Update

We thought you would enjoy so fun pictures and videos of what we have been up to in July. Violet has been getting bigger and more playful. Ginny has become extra attached to her Daddy. She calls for him during the day and asks to see him at work. They have a great time together.

Violet learned to roll over (this is a month earlier than Virginia). The problem is that she doesnt know how to roll back yet. She doesnt like being on her tummy even though she loves rolling.

Violet also got together with her buddy Emerald, who was born a few weeks after her. Emerald belongs to my best bud Tawona. Note how huge my babies are.

Ginny and Vi have started to play together. Ginny takes good care of Violet for me. Reading to her, changing her, giving her a binki, etc.

And lastly we (the Wilson girls) have been spending time in the sun at the many parks Seattle has to offer. The ladies at church have started a playgroup on wednesdays its been a lot of fun. Here is Ginny with James.

And here she is playing catch with Ethan on another day.

I'll leave you with a video of Ginny and the birds. Its pretty funny.


Kate O said...

I loved the photo of the bird chase! We will definitely have to get together soon. I think that Inge would get a kick out of Ginny!

Charayne said...

Loved the videos. My kids wanted to watch them again (the block one). If you get to SLC call us so that we can get the kids together to play. Hope you all are well. Darling kids!

Jessica Jo said...

your family is adorable! And the beaches and wading pools make me miss Seattle, especially this time of year!