Friday, May 23, 2008

Mothers Day


Its a hard job but somebody's gotta do it! After two months of two kids I think I am finally getting the hang of it. If only we could get that little Violet to sleep better. Luckily theres a day where you get french toast in Bed, and everyone cleans up for you while you take a load off (I could use a longer break but I bet some of you are thinking that too, lets get together and go to a spa for a couple days, what do you say?).
Here is the card my family made for me.
The Flower Ginny made me and the chocolates Ben brought me from San Jose (he returned from a conference he was attending and presenting there only two days before mothers day.) If you are interested in these fine and large chocolates check out for the scoop.
I'll leave you with two photos of the proof I have of motherhood:
Viriginia InesAnd Violet Iris

Hope you all had a great Mothers day!


Aaron, Julie, and Trey said...

Beautiful girls-- all 3 of you! :) Wonderful pictures and I love the card. It was great to see you and to meet Violet--I wish we could have talked more. Next time I come up we will have a girls day the spa maybe.... and lots of chocolate. Yes that is what we will do. And hopefully Vi will be sleeping by then! She's a cutie!

Erka said...

Mother's Day is great! They should have one every month! Cute pictures! I just realized that your girls have the same initials! Cool idea, and beautiful names too!

Jessica said...

How precious! We love your girls. They are just so sweet!!!
Sweet flower by Ginny. Can she teach Riley?

Charayne said...

For a while I thought that you really were schooled on Ellinor. Glad to hear about life in Seattle. I bet you have your hands full. I am still thinking that. Your girls are darling and you seem like such a fun, great mom!!!!

Charayne said...

p.s. I am ready for a break. Fly down and we will hit the spa.