Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ginny Update

It is amazing to me how creative little kids are. I didnt know they were so smart. Here is a video of Ginny being a horse and one of her and her best friend Riley playing "Ring Around the Rosie." Enjoy!

Also for your viewing enjoyment, can you tell who is who? There is one of Ginny, one of Me and one of my sister Lily. All in the same outfit!


beth and joe said...

OH I think I know. I think it's you then lily then Ginny. Am i right?

Shauna said...

That dress is just precious and the shoes too!

lacy said...

cute family briaan check out my blog
lacy gannon

mandi said...

I totally remember you in that dress- that's an easy one. Those shoes were to die for! I'm so glad Nori held on to them! Three beautiful babies!

jules said...

I LOVE Ginny's hee-haws in the first video. She's so adorable! Ginny's on the far right, but she looks so much like you! I'm guessing you are on the left?