Monday, January 28, 2008

The Wilsons do Boston, Brazilian Style

Brazilian 1: O, olha esta cada aqui. Esta cada e portugues?

Brazilian 2: Nao, ele e Americano mesmo.

Brazilian 1: Entao por que ele fala assim, meio chato?

Brazilian 2: Parece que ele aprendeu Portugues em Portugal.

Brazilian 3: Vamos comer mandioca...

If you understood this, you now know what this trip to Boston was like for Ben. If you caught a word or two, you know what it was like to be Bri on this trip. If you don't know what language this is, you're like 95% of Americans.

We flew to Boston for Bri's friend's wedding betweeen December 27th and January 1st. She has known Ashley since she was 4 years old. It just so happened that Ashley was marrying a Brazilian and about half the wedding party spoke little or no english (they spoke Portuguese for those of you keeping score at home). On top of that, the trip also coincided with our 3rd anniversary. The Stage was set for on epic vacation.

So we were put up, at our own expense, in a nice hotel overlooking the Charles River. Bri's mom Nori, and little sister Lily, age 7, were sharing our suite. We coaxed Nori into watching Ginny for an afternoon while we tried to make the most of our anniversary before the rehearsel dinner that evening. We took a shuttle to Harvard square. We poked around Harvard a bit then went to lunch at a Brazilian restaurant in Cambridge. Thoughts on Harvard campus: small and brick. We chose the restaurant because they claimed to have Brazilian "Cuisine". Brazilian and cuisine are two words not generally used in the same sentence because Brazilians are all about sticking to what works best: rice, beans, and beef. We thought we'd check it out. Bri wolfed down a very generous steak with fries, rice, beans, topped with a fried egg. Not bad for a late lunch.

The wedding was fun. The whole ceremony was done in english and portuguese. Bri was a "reader" and read the bride's poem in english during the ceremony. After the ceremony and dinner (thank you butternut squash bisque) they busted out the dancing. The show was stolen by the Brazilians who kind of hijacked the dance. But we did our own share of wowing the onlookers by busting out some salsa moves. People were especially amazed by Bri's ability to endure all the spinning and twirling with such a high center of gravity (she managed not to pop a single seam of that dress she made).

After the wedding we stayed two nights with the bride and groom at their house in Brockton. They had been on their honeymoon before the wedding. For Ben it was a mission flashback, being surrounded by Brazilians in tight quarters (there are lots of Brazilians in Portugal). The TV was alway on and turned to "Globo", there was always meat cooking somewhere, and all sorts of people were coming and going throughout the day without knocking. We toured Boston for New Years eve, went to the science museum and saw fireworks, but didn't stay out too late with Ginny, it was cold! We played a lot of games, ate a lot of home-cooked food and watched a lot of Globo. Thanks to the bride and groom, Ashley and Eldo!

Thoughts on Boston: Everything is made out of brick. People on the street are about 5 times meaner than Seattle or any other city we've been in in the western US... or Europe,... or the middle east,... or South America,... or Africa.

Virginia in Boston with a balloon giraffee
Us on our way to the main event
Ashley and Bri
Exploring the science museum


two forks said...

sinto saudade por meu povo brasileiro! and my portuguese family as well... i have a ton of portuguese great aunts and uncles in mass!

Stephenson and Katie said...

What a fun trip!! I have always wanted to go to Boston. And Seattle. Wait don't you live in seattle?! :) We may have to come visit soon....

jules said...

It sounds like you had an exciting time. I love the dresses you made, Bri!

Emily said...

Just catching up on your blog starting at the beginning! I didn't realize you have 2 other siblings. I only knew of you, Grant, and Gavin. Wow, we've really been out of touch. Anyway, I just read you were in Boston? Well, shame I didn't know when you were here. I'm an hour outside of Boston, and married to a Brazilian. Although getting divorced... anyway, would have been fun to see you. Now going back to Oregon. You have an adorable family!